Every Mile. Every Day. Drive Safe. Those are just words until we all commit to living them out.

Responsible driving is a way of life, and a way to save lives. The oil and natural gas industry is committed to making busy roadways in communities where we work less dangerous so everyone arrives at their destination safely.

Join us in this mission to share the road responsibly.

“The mission of the Energize for Safety Coalition is critical, and their efforts have my full support.”

- Michael Patterson, Former Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation

“The Energize for Safety Coalition is a model for how difficult safety issues with multiple stakeholders can be addressed. They successfully bring together the critical partners who are committed to community safety.”

- Rusty Rhoades, Commissioner of Public Safety
“I can’t go anywhere without hearing about the need from citizens to address energy transportation and safety. The Energize for Safety Coalition is positively addressing this concern with stakeholders who all care about community safety.”
- Dennis Baker, Kingfisher Chief of Police



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