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Safety is the number one priority and goal of the oil and natural gas industry. That is why we are working with state agencies, law enforcement and local officials to enact as many proactive steps as possible to ensure drivers in our communities are safe. Below are some of the steps we are taking to accomplish that mission.


Through the Energize for Safety Coalition, the industry, state agencies and law enforcement agencies have joined together to create a Safety Corridor on Highway 33 between Kingfisher and Watonga. The goal of the corridor is to eliminate distracted driving, encourage lower speeds and remind travelers to utilize seat belts. All of these precautions will help community members and industry workers arrive at their destination safely.

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Safe Driving Fact Sheets

Click on the links below to view a printable PDF of our safe driving fact sheets. To order free copies and folders, visit our resources page and help spread the word on safe driving.

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